Patten Pecans is a part of the Patten Seed Company headquarted in Lakeland, GA. In business for nearly 60 years, Patten Seed Company is a family-owned business recognized for commitment to both business and family, contributinos to our industry and our community, multi-generational family involvement, and innovative business practices and strategies.

The beginnings of Patten Seed Company were started by Robert L. Patten, a school teacher, who opened a general store in Lakeland, GA, circa 1893. Located downtown, it sold seed and fertilizer and everything in between, from horse collars to caskets. For more information about Patten Seed, visit www.pattenseed.com.

For nearly 60 years Patten Seed Company has been known as the "Grass People" and "Producers of Lifetime Lawns."  Over 30 years ago we began producing and marketing pecan nursery trees and establishing pecan orchards to utilize our personnel during the off season. 

Patten PecansThe Orchards are now producing quality nuts we are willing to put the "Patten Pecan" name on. For years, we packaged and shared a Christmas Gift Box with our friends, neighbors, and customers. These boxes of quality "select" pecans are well suited for gifts to family, friends, and business associates you want to remember at various times of the year. In attractive Gift Boxes our current offerings are Salted and Roasted Pecans, Chocolate Covered Pecans, Fancy Halves and Pieces, as well as our wonderful pies, Chocolate Pecan Pie and our traditional Southern Pecan Pie.  New this year are, Cinnamon Glazed Pecans, Praline Pecans, Chocolate Pecan Clusters, Jack Daniels Flavored Pecans, Fancy Mammoth Halves, Fancy Medium Pieces, and a 3 lb. bag of our select in shell nuts.  

Our Pecans are freshly harvested, processed, and shipped fresh from our farm to you. They offer the best taste opportunity for your personal enjoyment or sharing with those special people in your life. 

From our Southern Family at Patten Pecans to yours, we wish you the very best Holiday Season.